Safety measures

When the building was constructed, measures were taken to ensure maximum fire safety. These measures will only be effective if they are followed correctly. When you start working in the building, your employer organizes an information session for you about the evacuation rules and fire safety. Visitors and temporary employees are always accompanied by an employee. For questions or reports, please contact the building coordinator at or 059/56 98 07 (see also the overview on the back cover).


The building consists of different zones or compartments. Walls and doors of the different zones have a certain fire resistance. This limits the spread of a fire as much as possible.

  • Fire doors must always remain closed, or they close automatically in case of alarm.
  • Never block a fire door using furniture or other objects.
  • If you notice that a fire door is blocked, please notify us via email/telephone.

Fire extinguishers

Automatic extinguishing systems have been installed in the laboratories and server rooms. Extinguishers are available in several locations. The wall reels, CO2 and powder extinguishers are marked with red and white pictograms, as well as the fire alarm buttons.

Fire extinguishers
(CO2- or powder extinguisher)

Wall hose reel/fire hose

Fire alarm button

signalisatie brandblusapparaat
signalisatie brandslang
signalisatie brandmeldknop
  • Fire extinguishing equipment must remain accessible at all times. Never place anything on top of or in front of the extinguisher
  • Never use fire hoses for anything except putting out fires.

Evacuation pathways

Emergency exits and evacuation pathways are clearly marked with green and white pictograms:

Evacuation pathway

Emergency exit

Emergency staircase

pictogram evacuatieweg
pictogram nooduitgang
pictogram noodtrap
    • Always keep emergency exits clear
    • Never leave things in an evacuation pathway (hall, staircase, …)
    • If you notice that an emergency exit or evacuation pathway is blocked, please let us know via email/telephone.
    • The emergency doors leading outside are fitted with an alarm (connected to the building management system) to prevent abuse and to ensure that they will not be left open. This is to prevent unauthorized people from entering the building via these doors.

Emergency telephone

An emergency phone is available on each floor. It remains at the agreed-upon location and may only be used in case of emergency (fire or evacuation). The emergency telephone is indicated by a red and white pictogram.

Fire center & sirens

The building is equipped with a fire center. On the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 am, the siren is tested. Unless otherwise instructed, you do not need to evacuate during this test.

Alarm signals

Evacuation alarm: a continuous signal. When you hear this, follow the evacuation instructions and go immediately to the assembly point (see par. 2.4 ‘Evacuation Instructions’).


Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. There is no smoking room. Smoking is only allowed outside, but not on the terraces.

Your badge gives access to the building or parts of it. Your badge is strictly personal. Always use your badge correctly, so that in case of an emergency you can always find out who entered the building.

Close windows and doors every time you leave
an area (where applicable). This ensures proper compartmentalization of the building. Fire doors should be kept closed at all times.

For fire safety reasons, the use of "personal" electrical appliances (e.g., coffee maker, refrigerator, heating appliance, fan, etc.) is prohibited.

Charging batteries
for laptops, cell phones, cleaning machines, etc. is allowed only when supervised. When leaving the relevant room, these will be disconnected. Charging bicycle batteries is not allowed inside the building, but can be done in the bicycle racks in the places provided for this purpose. In freezing weather, a bicycle battery may exceptionally be temporarily kept at room temperature inside the building (e.g. in the lockers in the reception area), but not during charging.