Access to the building


All visitors must report to the reception desk in the entrance hall. The receptionist notifies the contact person/employee of the organization being visited; they come to the entrance hall to accompany the visitor in the building.

For events or meetings, the organizer may give other guidelines to visitors. The event organizer is expected to communicate these arrangements to the receptionist well ahead of time.

Visitors to the library are given a badge after signing in at the reception desk that gives access to the third floor. This badge is returned to the reception desk after the visit.

The meeting organizer must ensure that all visitors have left the building before leaving themselves.

On request (and if applicable), a badge can be given to the meeting organizer when the room is closed temporarily.

Guidelines and information for visitors



When starting your employment, you will receive a personal badge from the human resources department of your organization. If your badge is lost or damaged, report this immediately to the building coordinator so it can be blocked. When you leave employment, the badge is given to your entity's personnel department or to the reception desk on your last working day.

If the badge is lost or damaged, you will receive a new one from your organization’s human resources department. You will be charged for the replacement.

Your badge has several functions. The number of functions you can use depends on the rights granted to you.

  • A badge automatically grants access to the building on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. via the staff entrance on Ankerstraat. Additional rights include specific rights to access your organization’s floor(s) via the elevators. Access to specific rooms (such as laboratories, data rooms, technical rooms, etc.) should be requested from the building coordinator, who decides to whom to grant access.
  • Access outside the designated hours can be requested through the email address
  • All noted exceptions or deviations must be reported via the e-mail address

Time clock (Prikklok)

Time clocks are provided for recording work time. If your organization uses the time clock, registration is automatically activated upon receipt of your badge. The time clock is located on the ground floor near the staff entrance.

The time clock is independent of access to the building. Agreements concerning the use of the time clock are made by the individual organizations housed in the building.


Between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. (including weekends and public holidays) the alarm center is automatically activated. If you need to be in the building during these hours, the building coordinator must be notified at least 24 hours in advance via the e-mail address

Surveillance cameras are also installed at critical points to guarantee building security. All alarms (fire, gas, burglary, etc.) are automatically transmitted to a permanent alarm center.