Public spaces

  1. At the reception desk on the ground floor, reception staff will welcome visitors and help them with questions about meeting rooms, catering, broken equipment, orders, borrowing material/equipment, technical support, etc. Every visitor must sign in at the reception desk on arrival and will be asked to register in the visitors' register. A visitor can access to the meeting rooms and the library after registration. Access to other floors is only possible when accompanied.

  2. The multi-purpose room on the first floor, can be used for a variety of activities (e.g., receptions, networking, seminars, an extension of the auditorium, and the like).
  3. The foyer on the second floor can be used for coffee and/or lunch breaks during meetings.
  4. The cafeteria is located on the 6th floor. Staff members can eat there every working day between 11.30 - 14.00 and use the space at other times for informal discussions. The cafeteria is equipped with refrigerators, microwave, dishwasher, cutlery and crockery. Privately-owned electrical appliances are not allowed unless approved by the building coordinator and after approval for accordance with safety guidelines.

    1. In the cafeteria, a water fountain and a coffee machine (free of charge) are available for the staff, as well as a soft drink and candy machine (for a fee).

    2. Please always leave the room clean after use: table cleared, waste in garbage can, dirty dishes in dishwasher.

    3. Do not bring plates, cutlery, etc. from the 6th floor to the office floors. A limited number of these items are available in the coffee corner on each floor.

  5. The first aid room is provided on the ground floor in the staff entrance. If necessary and available, this room can be used as a breastfeeding (pumping) room. Only the building coordinator, reception staff and authorized (first aid) staff have access to these rooms.

  6. Staff can access the showers/dressing rooms, located on the ground floor near the staff entrance. Clothing lockers are provided at various locations. Technical staff have permanent assigned lockers; the other lockers are free for use by other staff.

  7. A number of bicycle lockers are also provided in the entrance area where cyclists can store personal items (helmet, folding bike, etc.)

  8. For information about the auditorium and the various meeting rooms, training room and press area click here.

Spaces per floor

Work stations

Each organization shall provide adequately equipped workstations. Concrete guidelines for the use, reservation and arrangement of workstations are laid down per organization. The office furniture and all accessories (e.g. PC, laptop, screen, ...) are provided separately per organization.

Decorations or additions to the workstation are only permitted to a limited extent. Nothing can be attached to walls or ceilings without permission from the building coordinator. In corridors and elevator areas or stairwells, the full width of the passageway must be maintained so for safety and accessibility nothing may be placed in the hallway.

Coffee areas

  • The coffee areas are equipped with (at least) a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, water fountain, coffee machine, and a limited amount of crockery and cutlery.
  • Other electrical appliances are not allowed in the building for fire safety reasons. Only after after approval of the building coordinator (and commissioning by the prevention advisor), only necessary items may be installed in the coffee corner.
  • The cleaning crew takes care of the daily maintenance of the coffee corner. For more information on the periodic maintenance of the refrigerator and the dishwasher, please contact the supervisor of the cleaning staff.
  • Each coffee corner is equipped with sufficient garbage bags, glasses, towels, dishwashing cloths and dishwasher tablets.
  • Please always leave the area clean after use: table cleared, waste in garbage can, dirty dishes in dishwasher.



Shared parking is provided in the vicinity of the building for service vehicles, electric vehicles and people with reduced mobility. The remaining parking spaces are allocated for visitors. This parking will be open during office hours and can only be accessed with a badge after office hours.

Disabled parking

At the main entrance, 2 extra spaces for people with reduced mobility will be requested from the city of Ostend.

Personnel parking

Staff can park in the large parking lot (90 spaces) located in the Ankerstraat (next to the old ILVO building).


At the entrance of the loading and unloading zone (Ankerstraat) there is a parking area for deliveries. Vehicles may only park here briefly during the time of delivery. No one else is allowed to park here for any other reason.

Bike shelters

Near the staff entrance on Ankerstraat, there are several bike shelters as well as facilities for electric bicycles and large-sized bicycles (e.g. delivery bikes, bicycle trailers). Batteries of the electric bicycles may only be charged outside the building at the places provided for this purpose. These electrical outlets are automatically switched off after office hours.

The bicycle shelter located at the rear of the building is primarily intended for bicycles owned by the organizations using the building.


The InnovOcean Campus offers numerous opportunities for formal and informal meetings, training and events. No eating or drinking is allowed in the meeting rooms. After use, please leave the meeting room and foyer tidy. To schedule a meeting, meeting or event, contact the entity's event manager.

Public meeting rooms at the InnovOcean Campus
Public meeting rooms at the InnovOcean Campus